Power P Bounce

Power P Bounce LLC

Power P Adult Bounce

The Kangoo workout is a unique, aerobic workout which is known for shredding fat, without impacting your joints. These boots are 80% less impact on your joints. This cardio workout is suitable for everyone at every fitness level. 

You can burn up to 1,500 calories in an hour. 

Power P Wallabies (Youth)

The mission of Power P Wallabies is to give and promote a new safe exercise and an atmosphere of encouragement and positivity for children to increase their self-esteem through health and fitness. Working out for kids should not feel like a chore...BUT a different kind of fun!

Power P Travel Bounce

Power P loves to share her addiction of BOUNCE with different area codes.  She will bring the LOVE OF BOUNCE to you. Gather a group of at least 20 and a safe place to #PUTNWeRK and we will hit the road.  

Power P Special Events

Power P participates and does "live" demos at Community Events.. She is always willing to share the health benefits of Kangoo with others.  Participating in special events is always a joy for her.  Power P never meets a stranger.  She will have you ready to strap boots on in minutes.