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This class has blessed my soul! My Pastor/Sister Lena Middleton convinced me to come try Kangoo Bounce once I healed from surgery. I am sooo glad I did! I struggled 245 and 250 with my weight. Dealing with depression when it comes to weight. Asthma was out of control. I even had an attack during class. I am happy to say I hopped on the scale this morning and down to 235. My breathing is getting a lot better. I AM EXCITED! This is not the end!! Thank you all soooo much!!

I started Kangoo bounce in January 2020. A good friend of mine Linda told me that her and her daughter had been going. I decided to try it out and boy oh boy I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. This class has been a great experience for me. On my first day of class I was thinking this couldn’t be that hard. I mean we are just bouncing around right? Mrs Power P our instructor taught me that this class was more then a bouncing around she has the energy of four people put together. She is amazing. When I came in this class I weighed 215lbs I was out of shape, out of breath, just didn’t think I would make it in there because Power P puts in work! Yet I kept coming and coming. I was seeing a difference in myself. My energy level went up, inches and pounds were coming off. I was sweating up a storm and it was the most wonderful thing ever. Power P made me want to bounce. She don’t play no games. The only thing she ask is that even if you feel like you can’t make this dance moves JUST KEEP MOVING! See that’s what I needed. I love every song she plays it keeps me hyped to push myself even when I’m feeling tired. I have now went up under the 200 mark, never thought I would see that. I’m proud of me and I owe it to Mrs Power P. I need this class in my life. It is wonderful and definitely life changing. Thank you so much Power P you have a forever bouncer in me.

So 2017 I was introduced to Kangoo bounce and my journey has been up and down but one thing for sure Power P stayed on me and encouraged me everyday (even before) PowerP Bounce. P is more then just my fitness guru she also My Sista (long story coming soon) I have been going hard this last past year with P PowerP has challenged to a ability that I didn’t know I even had (like now I hear her voice) PowerP Bounce is for all levels it’s fun encouraging motivating everyday that I’m on this journey of being healthy I have to Thank Precious for always saying you can do it Let’s WERK!!!!
"Precious aka Power P is a God-send. The passion she has for this workout and the PEOPLE who attend is mind-blowing. EVERY class she gives us her all and she pushes us to do the same…not about numbers OR the hype, but about the well-being of the attendees. Speaking of attendees, it’s evident that Precious has a good spirit because she attracts the most kind, thoughtful, and positive ppl. It’s a beautiful thing to experience the love that fills her sessions. I’m extremely grateful for her and this ministry."
Bouncing with PowerP has literally changed my WHOLE life! I’ve always been a person that has put everyone else before me. Bouncing gave me the opportunity to put my needs and wants FIRST! At first I would feel guilty saying “no I can’t do this or that because I’m going to bounce” but after a while I felt GREAT saying it! Lol Some people find their satisfaction in many different things but BOUNCING has definitely been mine! I remember being scared to even TRY. But now I’m encouraging others to try. That’s what BOUNCING with PowerP will do for you! Thank you POWERP for introducing me to Kangoo Bounce.
Bouncing with Power P has been a blessing to my life. Most people look at how small I am and ask "Why is your skinny self bouncing!?" My goal is to be as healthy as possible from the inside out. Pushing through each bounce class is a cardio commitment like no other. It gives me an outlet to release my stress. It feeds my spirit to walk into class and be surrounded by so many inspirational women. I've found joy in something as simple as dancing to a cool down song
I love bouncing because I know Power P will push me with no shame or judgment. And when I feel like quitting there's a sisterhood around me to encourage me with love. There's nothing like it!
Although, still new to bouncing, I am able to see my growth in these short 4 months. I have tried all times of workouts. At home DVD’s, in the gym with a trainer, cycling, free weights and circuit training with a group but have never had as much fun as I do with bouncing!! Now, it is a love hate relationship!! I love how I feel after and know that I’m getting a great workout but I hate it during the workout, when I feel like I’m going to die! The physical fitness aside, bouncing with Precious “Power P” and the other ladies has become a sisterhood!! These ladies are always encouraging! During class they help to push through any area you may struggle. Outside of class they are just as supportive and encouraging and always lifting each other up! I recently told my husband that we are some “Boss women” bouncing! This is evident when you start seeing each other outside of the bounce world!

3 months ago I was able to try something new. My friend Precious was teaching this thing called Kangaroo Bounce. She is super active like me, and I had seen such a change in her, I wanted it for myself, but was a little scared to try. See, I am athletic, but clumsy, I love being active, but my knees don’t always cooperate, and I was afraid the women might judge me for not being able to do the class. It’s hard to step out of your comfort zone sometimes. So I bite the bullet and go to my first class, nervous, I’m only going to know one person, and unsure of how I’m going to do. Let me tell you, I have NEVER been so welcomed for a first time visit anywhere! These women were excited to see another “newbie”. They were all willing to help me boot up, cause I had no idea what I was doing. Class gets started, and I’ll tell ya, I wasn’t always on beat, my arms and legs didn’t move together the right way, BUT, I never quit. I kept moving, and survived my first class. I was so sweaty, so I knew I’d gotten a good workout. The ladies all told me after class how well I did. I just thought they were trying to be polite at first, but quickly came to realize how genuine they were being. I felt so invigorated when I was done! I was on a high that lasted a few days! I told everyone I knew about this cool class I had done, and couldn’t wait to go to the next week. The best part about going again was that you could tell that these women really were genuinely welcoming! Not only have I been able to get a great workout in, I’m making friends who only want to life each other up. I’m not sure you’ll ever find a more supportive group of women anywhere. It’s like the workout is the bonus. Kangaroo bounce has slimmed me down, and by slim down, I mean toned up. I’ll never be a size 6 or 8, but I’m getting to be in the best shape of my life, and loving doing it. I look forward to it each week. I’ve hit the point where it was justified for me to buy a pair of boots, and I can’t wait to wear them out! These boots have brought two of my passions together, running, which is something you can do in the boots, and exercise. You see, these boots really were made for more than just walking.

I started bouncing in January 2020. What I have learned since starting is to do what you can until you can do more. At each doctor's visit, my doctor would tell me that I was at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes if I did not lose some weight. I would attempt to do so because who wants to deal with the effects of Diabetes?! In spite of my good intentions, I would try, but it wouldn't last...except this time! What made the difference? Glad you asked! Power P is what made the difference! She gets to know each person intimately, and uses her knowledge of them to encourage and push in a way that empowers rather than making them feel defeated. She cultivates this type of culture in her classes, which keeps people coming back for more! After a month of bouncing, I went to the doctor and for the first time she said all of my numbers, A1C, Cholesterol, etc. were down and moving in a positive direction. I've gone from bouncing one day per week to four days per week consistently! Thank you Power P for creating a safe space for me to come #PutNWerk and develop a more healthy lifestyle!